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6 Reasons to Buy Gems & Jewelry in Thailand

1. World’s Leader for Colored Stones

Thailand is one of the world’s largest centers for colored stones, particularly rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, with innovative techniques for enhancing their quality and appearance plus craftsmen skilled at polishing and setting these beautiful stones into stunning jewelry. Thailand is also renowned for cutting and polishing diamonds. producing high quality products of colored stones and diamonds to be among the country’s top exports.

2. Artistic Flair & Innovation

Imaginative designs flow effortlessly from the drawing boards of Thailand’s jewelry craftsmen. Their artistic flair, style of setting and combination of gems, especially when working with gold and silver, result in breathtaking creations that are in high demand internationally. Not surprisingly, the world’s jewelry traders view Thailand as an incomparable source of innovative designs.

3. Top Quality in Cutting & Setting

Meeting the world standards of quality in cutting and setting gems and jewelry is the major reason for Thailand’s success, aided by a highly skilled workforce with outstanding abilities in setting and design. Such skills ensure consistency in quality and reliability in production of each piece of jewelry enhanced by assured after-sales service.

4. Trendy Fashionable Silver Jewelry

Gold and Silver are important elements in the country’s  growing exports of high quality gems and jewelry products. However, a long tradition of Thai artisans working in high purity silver, with intricate designs and superb embellishments, is now generating growing international interest in the country’s silver creations as trendy White Wave fashion items.

5. Traditional Wisdom & Modern Technology

Thailand has developed a special heat treatment technique to enhance the quality of colored stones, increasing their brightness and clarity. The industry is well supported by the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand, an outstanding analytical laboratory that is ranked one of the top seven in the world, also recognized by CIBJO (The World Jewellery Confederation). Its experienced gemologists are able to analyze, grade and authenticate gemstones, trace country of origin and provide internationally recognized certification for exporters.

6.  A Reputation for Skilled Artisans

A well-trained workforce prov