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Noppakao : The Auspicious Beauty of Thai Heritage from Suvarnabhumi

Noppakao : The Auspicious Beauty of Thai Heritage from Suvarnabhumi

Suvarnabhumi, “The Land of Gold”, is situated in Southeast Asia. In the old days, it was the trading center that the merchants from the east and the west shipped for their trading and exchanging their goods. It was said that Suvarnabhumi, was abundant with gold and many kinds of precious stones. Thai people have appreciated gems and jewelry for their beauty and value through different historical periods – Dvaravati, Sriwichai, Lopburi, Chiangsaen, Sukhothai, U-thong, Ayudhaya and Rattanakosin.

Noppakao, the ultimate significant gemstones, is the original Thai name specially coined for the pagoda shaped top decorated piece that comes either as a ring, earrings or a pendant adorned with nine glittering gemstones : diamond, ruby, emerald, yellow sapphire, garnet, blue sapphire, moonstone, zircon and cat’s eye.

In ancient times, Thai people preferred to wear Noppakao ornaments as they believed that the power of gemstones could empower their lives and raise their fortunes, as well as prevent them from any danger and sickness. In Astrology, Noppakao is the symbol of planets with belief that it can influence the fortune of the people who wear them. In the past, only the kings and royal family were allowed to wear Noppakao ornaments.

Nowadays, Noppakao has gained its popularity among Thai people and foreign tourists for its wonderful power under the shining beauty of nine-star glittering gemstones.

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