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Follow the Gems: Sightseeing in Thailand

Thailand is one of the world’s largest centers for colored stones, particularly rubies, sapphires and emeralds, with innovative techniques for enhancing their quality and appearance plus craftsmen skilled at polishing and setting these beautiful stones into stunning jewelry. Thailand is also renowned for cutting and polishing diamonds, producing high quality products of colored stones and diamonds to be among the country’s top exports.

                Getting around along the Gem Routes in Thailand is fun and exciting. There are a lot of things to learn and so many attractions to see as well as numerous excursion options such as the ancient wonders, cultural sightseeing and refreshing escapes into the beautiful natural resources.

                Starting from Bangkok, the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, is home to many gems and jewelry wholesalers and retailers located in Mahaesak, Silom and Charoen Krung roads. Then there is the famous Chinatown of Bangkok or Yaowaraj road which is the gold trading center. Not far from Yaowaraj there are the “Ban Mor” community which is the local diamond trading center and the “Wat Koh” community where not so long ago the cubic zirconia and synthetic stone business was concentrated.

Journey outside Bangkok, the most important areas for the industry are Chanthaburi province and Kanchanaburi province where deposits of gemstones were mined and cut extensively. Nevertheless, what started out as a small mining town makes Chantaburi now grow into a significant trading center for gemstones, drawing traders not only from Bangkok but from markets all over the world.

                Going to Northern Thailand at Chiang Mai and Tak : Chiang Mai is famous for silverware. Its silver industry dated back 700 years ago when silver craftsmanship concentrated mainly on handcraft items for decorative, ceremonial or religious pieces like trays, bowls and betel sets. Mae Sot in Tak is an important center for the trading of jade and gems. Having the rakish air of a Thai-Myanmar border, this small town at the moment teems with vendors who make a few additional baht by selling precious gems to tourists. Traveling to Southern Thailand, cultured pearl farms are found principally in Ranong, Phangnga and Phuket provinces.

                No matter which part of the Country you go to, you cannot escape evidence of a flourishing gems and jewelry trade and regardless of what aspect of the gems and jewelry industry you seek, it’s all there and happening right here in Thailand, the World’s Capital of Gems & Jewwelry.

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